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Friday, 7 December 2012

What I will be blogging and when?

So this is going to be a short post explaining to you what I will be posting, how often I will be posting and anything else that needs mentioning.

So firstly I will be doing a book review three times a week. This will be done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The books that I will review will mainly be young adult, of which I will try and do a range of sub-genres. I will also occasionally cover adult and middle-grade books, depending on what I feel like reading. I will also on occasions have polls where you can decide what book I shall read next for review. 

On the last Tuesday of every month I will do a post saying what books I am looking forward to being released for the month ahead. For December I will do it this Tuesday to make up for missing it. Otherwise on a Tuesday I will not post at all. However, if there is a topic or question that I want to discuss then I will be posting this on a Tuesday.

On Thursdays I will do Throwback Thursdays, as you may have seen yesterday. This is where I will talk about books that I have previously read and maybe say how I found them, what they mean to me, the parts that i liked/disliked and also maybe give a mini review, depending on where the mood takes me. 

Saturdays will be something that I am going to call Seven on Saturday. This will just be a list of seven things book related. For example this Saturday I am going to cover my seven favourite book couples. I will also give a reason as to why something is on my list. 

Finally Sunday's post will just be a short review of the week and what I will be planning for you next week. I may also answer any questions that have been asked.

Anyway, that is it from me.


Up next: Seven on Saturday.