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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Seven on Saturday - Books that I recommend

Seven on Sunday is where I will put a list of seven bookish things (e.g. My seven favourite book couples), with a new topic each week.

This week the topic I chose was books that I recommend. I tried to go for books that I thought were lesser known that I absolutely love. 

1. Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody
I have already spoken plenty of times about this series before on the blog, but I felt like it really needs to be on this list. I found these books to be original and the characters were easy to connect to. I would recommend this book to anybody who likes dystopian and fantasy, as well as people who like mental abilities.

2. The Legendsong series by Isobelle Carmody
This is another series that I have mentioned on the blog before, but as it is possibly my favourite series, it has to be on this list. This is one of the lesser known of Carmody's series but the originality and complexity of this series is great. It such a beautiful series with some great characters. This is a series for people who love fantasy.

3. Rondo series by Emily Rodda
Deltora Quest is probably the more well known of Rodda's work. I really loved this series. Again, it was original. It really drew me in, and I felt that it was a little more mature than Deltora Quest. This series is again for people who love fantasy.

4. Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan 
This is another favourite serires of mine. It is a great medieval style story of knights, battles and, obviously, rangers. It is a great book for encouraging boys to read. I gave the first one to my 12 year old nephew and he loves it!

5. So Much To Tell You series by John Marsden
This is such an emotional story. I read both books back in high school (so about 5-7 years ago). I remember that I cried heaps, but I really loved it. I recommend it to most people.

6. The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. Lawhead
I read this series when I was going through my obsession with Arthurian Legend. I really liked the complexity of the story while still being fairly easy to read. 

7. Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta
This is another book that I read in high school. I could relate to it so well at that age and I recommend it to most teenagers. 


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