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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Seven on Saturday: Book Peeves

Seven on Saturday is a blog feature created here where I list seven things related to a bookish prompt. 

This week’s prompt is Book Peeves.
Nightshade  NightshadePB_CAT
  1. Changing the covers midway through a series - It really annoys me when this happens, particularly if I started getting the books before the change of covers and they no longer produce the old covers for the new books. I am not that particular about my covers, but I do like them all to be matching. It annoys me even more if they change from a really nice cover to one that isn't as nice. An example of this, which is probably one you have heard plenty of times before, is the change to the Nightshade covers.
  2. Pages missing from books - I often by second-hand books from my local market to save on money. I get really annoyed if I get a second hand book that pages are either missing or are sitting loose in the book. I know that this is a downfall of getting second-hand books, but it still really annoys me. It annoys me even more if the page that is missing is the front cover, like my copy of The Lord of the Rings. 
  3. Corners of the page being folded  over – Sometimes this happens by accident (particularly the bottom corners of the page) but sometimes it is deliberate and I really dislike reading books with the corners folded over. In saying that, I used to be one of the people who would fold the top corner of the page as a bookmark, until my librarian told me off for it and then I started to dislike it too.
  4. People borrowing books and then not giving them back, or taking forever to give them back – I am occasionally guilty of not giving books back quickly, in fact I still have a copy of City of Fallen Angels which I haven’t finished reading and so I haven’t given it back to my friend yet (sorry Lu). I just think that there is nothing worse than going to read a book and then not finding it because you have leant it to someone and they haven’t given it back.
  5. Badly made books – By badly made books, I mean ones where the cover falls of the first time you open it or you have to crease the spine to open the book enough to read it. Another one that annoys me is when the pages are really tight to open and you pretty much have to force hold it open to read it.
  6. When you have to wait ages for the next book of a series to come out – Isobelle Carmody, who I love, is one author that makes you wait for ages for the next book of a series to come out. I am still waiting for the final instalment of the Legendsong series and have been for around 10 years now. It just really annoys me because I really want to know how the story ends. If you haven’t read the Legendsong series, I suggest you do because they are one of my favourite series ever, even if you do have to wait for the last book.
  7. Different heights of books – I get annoyed when I try putting my books in my bookshelfs and they are all different sizes. I would really like it if there was a universal height for paperback books and hardcovers.

These are my seven book peeves, which I had difficulty coming up with. Tell me what yours are, and feel free to use Seven on Saturday, just make sure you credit me and if you could put a link in the comments it would be great.


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